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Fukuske continues to enrich lives through the creation of legwear and innerwear.

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2015 marks the Fukuske’s 133rd year in the industry.

Fukuske continues to design and manufacture high quality legwear and innerwear at reasonable prices. From our design techniques, high-standard manufacturing and strong sales strategy, our employees work very closely together in order to provide a high degree of satisfaction to our customers.

The manufacturing of traditional Japanese ‘Tabi’ socks began with Fukuske’s very own machine. 133 years later, we stand as a veteran in the legwear industry because of a continued commitment to craftsmanship and manufacturing, and the unwavering support of our customers.

The traditional craftsman’s DNA, carried over from our long years in the industry, is a big part of every Fukuske employee. With the support of technology, our commitment to comfort and safety is unchanging as we strive to share the Japanese spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ in each and every product we create.

Along with today’s rapidly-changing world, consumers’ lifestyles are also evolving. We work to become even more sensitive to consumer needs, looking ahead at all times, and allowing for flexibility during product planning, paving the way for more innovative products.

We create innovations in beauty and health from a legwear perspective. Once integrated into product planning and then executed into actual products purchased by a valued customer, we aim for the customer to feel as if it is his or her first time wearing a Fukuske product.

After all these years, Fukuske remains unchanged yet changing at the same time. We strive to the spirit of tradition alive, while encouraging the spirit of innovation in both products and technology.

The Fukuske Group is committed to providing a wide and versatile range of products that we hope will enrich each valued customer’s life.

We sincerely thank you for your continued patronage.

Fukuske Corporation


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